Puppycat is so sassy! just a bit of fan animation based on natazilla t-shirt design for welovefineshirts 
Bee and Puppycat is such a great show and I cant wait for the new series!
Im still working on my pixel art/animation. slowly getting there… maybe.



My favourite shirt 。◕‿◕。
But I don’t wear it very often… T^T

cute blog :3

Pink quartz is the rare, pale-pink to rose-red, crystalline variety of quartz minerals. Most samples of this color are found in Brazil and are too rare to use for jewelry. Spiritually, it is believed to help in all matters related to love and promotes inner peace.

Lineart of the illustration that I’ve draw for The Litchi Hikari Club/Eroguro Fanart Project ^^.
The idea was to draw  a LHC (or BNHC) fanart(by Usamaru Furuya) that is an explicit reference to a famous guro illustration of choice. So I picked this  illustration by awesome Takato Yamamoto link